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Team Travel Cocktails, With A Twist Of Green!

We are turning traditional team offsites on their head.

What we do...

We are not your traditional travel agents. Our platform is meant for nature lovers from around the world to be able to access unique wild experiences across the world!

We only recommend experiences/partners that we have travelled with, or one of our dear passionate naturalist friends have worked with. Thus, we can pretty much ensure that your experience will be top notch, every time!


All you need to do is choose a package or contact us to custom make one for you, and we can send you off, into the wild! 

Our Brand

'Jokotta' is our take on a Swedish word that means 'to go out at dawn to listen to the first birdsong'

Reflecting our ethos of helping you build stronger bonds with nature perfectly, it works in tandem with our logo.

We've kept it green, and fun, and we're always thrilled when people spot the baby elephant in the protection of its mama...

Meet The Team

Karan Chawla

Karan Chawla

Founder and Chiefly Enthusiastic Officer.

Nature Lover, Curator of Experiences and Purveyor of Bad Jokes

Anoop Padate

Anoop Padate

Co Founder and Grumble Bee


Nature Lover, Writer of Stories and Gatherer of Useless Facts



Untiring Support Officers


Idea Machines, Social Media Experts, Artists and Advisers

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