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On The Fishing Cat's Trail

3 Nights 4 Days | Open Dates - October 1 to August 31 | Fishing Cat | Black Jackal | Excellent for birders | Bengal Floodplains | Hide Photography Setup | 01 - 04 Explorers per Excursion

Fishing Cat Hunting.jpg

Don't let the photograph mislead you. This is not your average housecat. This is a wild predator. A creature of the night. Despite the encroachment by humans on its habitat, this cat has adapted beautifully to continue thriving in these wetlands. However, it's limited spread and loss of habitat do mean that it is actually endangered. These floodplains in West Bengal are a rare place where we can observe how creatures of the wild adapt to the presence of humans. This ecosystem is a biodiversity hotspot. In addition to the fishing cat, these swamps are home to Golden Jackals, Jungle Cats (also rare and elusive), water monitor lizards (distant cousins of the Komodo dragons), Asian palm civets, snakes and several species of small furry animals. We get you access to a spot where seeing this cat is a regular occurrence. Expert naturalists who have many thousands of hours of experience in watching out for this elusive cat, and recording its behaviour. We're very sure that this trip isn't something you can find anywhere else in the world. A Fishing Cat Photography trip like none other.

asian water monitor.jpg



  • Watch the rare, elusive and unique fishing cat in its watery habitat - yes, this cat loves water

  • Explore the Bengal floodplains ecosystem, a biodiversity hotspot supporting a wide variety of life 

  • Spot elusive Jungle cats, Golden jackals, Water monitor lizards, Yellow Monitors, Asian palm civets and several species of small furry animals

  • With over 300 species of birds to spot, including some very rare avians, this is a birders delight

  • Birding expeditions in the surrounding areas

  • Stay in Kolkata (it's a one hour drive from there), or in a local guest house

  • Experience the rich heritage and culture of the region

  • We pledge 10% of all profits made at Jokotta Discoveries towards nature and wildlife conservation

Standard Inclusions:

  • Your stay & food as mentioned above.

  • Naturalist service.

  • Photography support.

  • Fishing Cat Tracking

  • Photography hide access

  • Trail Walks

  • Transfers from and to Kolkata airport


  • Flights

  • Laundry

  • Extra food & beverages

  • Liquor

  • Additional Electric Toto Safaris

  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

Photo Credits

Fishing Cat: Karan Chawla


Asian Water Monitor: Unknown, please contact for credit

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