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The Amazon Rainforest Expedition

3 Day, 4 Day , 5 Day and 7 Day options | Open Dates | Customizable Itinerary | Giant River Otters | Jaguars | 160 Mammal Species | Over 1000 Bird Species | 1300 Butterfly Species | 132 Reptile Species | Adventure Of  A Lifetime  

Peru; Image by Hans Luiggi

Welcome to the Manu National Park in Peru. It's more than half the size of Switzerland and extends from the eastern side of the Andes at an altitude of 4100m, covers the clouds forest, and ends at the Amazon lowlands. Only a small area along the Manu river can be explored. But this area is teeming with wildlife. Visit interesting sites like the Ninamarca's Chullpas built before Incan times. Travel over the Andes and see the famous cloud forest. Spot fascinating birds like the Andean Cock-of-the-rock and many others. Climb aboard a balsa raft and explore a lake. Spot strange birds like the Hoatzin and giant rodents like the capybara. Climb aboard a boat and try to spot Jaguars, Caimans, Vultures and Eagles from the Manu River. there's also Giant Otters, huge Black Caimans, and thousands of other creatures to spot. Spend the night on an observation platform and watch tapirs wander below you at a clay lick. This list could go on and on. After all, this is an adventure of Amazonian proportions. 

Chullpas of Ninamarca,  pre-Inca cemetery



  • Explore one of the most bio-diverse spots in the world with a trained naturalist

  • Choose from 3-day, 5-day, 7-day itineraries

  • Explore diverse cloud forest and rainforest habitats from the eastern slopes of the Andes to the lowlands 

  • Parque Nacional Manu is one of the best places in South America for tropical wildlife spotting

  • Visit the Ninamarcas Cullapas, a pre-Inca cemetery

  • Spot the strange Hoatzin, also called a stinkbird

  • Explore the river in a canoe and try to spot Jaguars

  • Spot a family of giant otters, three-toed sloths, red howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, white-fronted capuchins, brown capuchins, tapirs, caimans, capybaras, and more

  • Spot small parrots, big colourful macaws, cocoi herons, purplish jays, skimmers, vultures, and more  

  • We pledge 10% of all profits made at Jokotta Discoveries towards nature and wildlife conservation

Sword Billed Hummingbird ( Ensifera ensi

Your Itinerary: This is the recommended seven-day itinerary. Contact us for the other options or for customisation. 


Day 1: Leave Cusco

  • We leave Cusco at 5:00 am in a private bus

  • Stop an explore pre-Inca cemetery Ninamarcas Chullpas

  • Visit the cloud forest and spot interesting flora and fauna like the Andean Cock-of-the-rock

  • Spend the night at Bamboo lodge

  • There's an optional night walk if you're feeling adventurous 

Day 2: Boca Manu

  • Leave after an early breakfast

  • Stop to see the place of the Orchids

  • Climb aboard a motor-boat bound for Boca Manu and spot interesting birds like herons, vultures, macaws, and many flycatchers along the bank of the Madre de Dios River 

  • Spend the night at the Hummingbird Lodge

  • There's an optional night walk to see Tarantulas, insects, frogs, snakes, etc. 

Day 3: Casa Matsiguenka

  • Leave at 5:00 am for a six-hour boat ride into Manu Naitonal Park

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Jaguars, Capybaras, Caimans and other creatures of the forest

  • Also look for Herons, Macaws, Toucans, Vultures, and Eagles

  • Spend the night at the rustic Matsiguenka Lodge

  • Optional night walk

Day 4: Salvador and Otorongo lakes

  • Leave very early to explore the impressive Lake Salvador

  • Spot Giant River Otters, big Black Caimans, about 15 species of monkeys, the prehistoric Hoatzin, Kingfishers and many more species of birds

  • Visit an observation tower for an amazing view of the lake

  • Spend the night at Casa Matsiguenka

Day 5: Manu Birding Lodge

  • Leave very early to try and spot the elusive Jaguar

  • Today's boat trip will take seven hours down the Manu and Madre de Dios River

  • After arriving at Manu Birding Lodge, we'll visit the Tapir clay lick site and spend the night there

  • If we've already spotted the Tapir, we could choose to stay at the lodge

Day 6: Maquispayoj and Rainforest Walk

  • We leave at 4:40 am for a 40-minute boat ride and 20-minute walk to the special macaw observation hide

  • The birds start arriving by 5:30 am

  • First small parrots arrive and they're followed by big macaws

  • They gather to eat clay that contains minerals which aid digestion

  • After lunch, we walk slowly through a primary rainforest for about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to the Tapir lick

  • We spend the night on an observation platform and observe Tapirs that are usually active at night 

Day 7: Puerto Maldonado to Lima

  • We leave early in the morning for Cusco, first by boat to Colorado Village and then by car to Puerto Carlos

  • We then take a private bus to Cusco and arrive at your hotel by 7 p.m.

  • Our journey ends here

Jaguar; Image by Ramon Vloon

The Firefox Adventure Gallery

Standard Inclusions:

  • Professional naturalist guide with telescope

  • Birding guide on request

  • Private boat and bus transport

  • Entrance fees to Macaw clay lick, Tapir lick

  • Entrance to the Manu National Park, Salvador & Otorongo Lakes

  • Cook food (vegetarian on request) and drinking water

  • Camping equipment and Lodging

  • First Aid Kit, extractor (for poison)

  • Bite Away for mosquito bites

  • Antidote for snake bite

  • Radio communication

  • Rubber boots

  • Flight Puerto Maldonado to Lima (If you have paid for that program)


  • Airfare

  • Binocular

  • Alcoholic drinks etc.

  • Airport tax approx. 6 USD

  • Personal first aid kit

Things you should bring for the Manu Trip:


  • Mosquito repellent

  • Long sleeved shirts

  • T-Shirts, Cotton socks

  • Hiking shoes

  • Sandals or light shoes to change

  • Rain gear (rain poncho is ok)

  • Sweater ( in case we have cold front)

  • Long pants

  • Binoculars very important the best ones are (Leica, Zeiss, Swarovski, Nikon, Bushnell)

  • Camera and extra batteries

  • Camera charger

  • Dry bag back pack.

  • Personal things  like toothbrush, etc

  • Hat (or handkerchief)

  • Sunblocker, sunglasses

  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries)

  • Water bottle ( min. 1 l)

  • Day pack

  • Original Passport

  • Money (Soles) for soft drinks, handicrafts and tips.

  • Byte Away very important for travelling in Peru

*GST Extra. Prices vary with number of people travelling. Enquire today for your group! Costs in USD may vary in accordance with the exchange rate at the time of booking.

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