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Africa Wild Experiences

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Welcome to Africa Safaris with Jokotta Discoveries

Get ready to dive into the hearts of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Madagascar, Botswana and beyond. From epic savannas to tropical rainforests, our Africa safaris are designed for exploration and fun. We've learned and experienced everything required to create the ideal wildlife safari for you. Are you ready to let go of the mundane? Bring your safari hat and join us for unfiltered and unique adventures.

African Safari Trips to Inspire You

Customise these well-loved Africa safari plans to fit your budget and accommodate the size of your travel group.

  1. Maasai Mara - The Great Migration

  2. Gorillas in the mist

  3. Tanzania like never before

  4. The Incredible African Adventure

Why Book With Jokotta Discoveries Africa?

  1. Surprising experiences- Dive into one-of-a-kind Kenya safaris carefully crafted to provide rare interactions with Africa's rich species and scenery.

  2. Transparency- We prioritise clear communication and honesty. Whether you are going on a Tanzania safari or to Kenya, we keep no secrets here, just a roadmap of what you can anticipate at each turn and twist.

  3. Passionistas at your service- Our crew is made up of adventure-loving superheroes who are armed with expertise, powered with passion, and ready to add some magic to your trip.

Travel with Confidence

  1. Love and respect - Embrace the warm service provided by our team, where love and respect are key elements in every excellent Jokotta experience.

  2. Committed- We pledge steadfast dedication to enhancing your trip. We're more than a travel choice; we're your enduring companion.

  3. Full support- Navigate your adventure with seamless assistance. Jokotta Discoveries is your travel ally, providing everything you need during your exciting vacation.

Aashish Maini

the best planners...was traveling for a safari for the first time with my parents, wife, toddler and mother in law. Needless to say the pressure to have the perfect holiday was on and these guys ensured it was just that.

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