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Holidays off the beaten path...

Wildlife Safari Holidays: Explore Nature

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From the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Elusive Snow Leopard to the Red Panda and the striking blue Grandalas. Choices, Choices.  What will you choose?

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All the most lovely parts of Asia and South East Asia in one place! Scuba dive, snorkel, chill or a beach, or go into Borneo and see Orangutans in the wild!


Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and a host of surreal experiences. Will you see the Great Migration, or walk with Gorillas?

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Visit the rainforests in the Peruvian Amazon, or Ecuador, or Colombia or Costa Rica. Would you rather walk with Pumas in Chile? Your adventure in the Americas is here!

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Walk through a forest that smells of herbs and see the Iberian Lynx in the wild. Or will you choose Finland, or Iceland, or an adventure in the Arctic?


Gone through our list of experiences? A destination/experience you would rather go to? Tell Us, and we'll try and plan it for you!

Why Travel With Jokotta?


Rare Experiences

Carefully curated naturalist-led experiences from around the world offered in one convenient location. Here.



We want people to build better bonds with nature. That's why we're here. And we've promised 10% of our profits for nature & wildlife conservation. 



With us, you always know what you're getting. The only things hidden are the animals in the wilderness.


Wild Times

Our trips are fun. Our naturalists are amazing. Our nature-loving travellers, like you, are simply awesome. Come one over for some truly great experiences.


Love & Respect

Jokotta was founded from a desire to protect nature and wildlife. We only work with professionals who share and understand our passion. 


Always Here
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Wild Stories?

You are trekking in a dense rainforest, in the heart of Africa and come upon wild, critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. Your guide makes a vocalisation to let the primates know you mean no harm. The gorillas, now relaxed, let you in their midst, while they chill all around you. A large 400 pound Silverback comes towards you. You trip while moving backwards and fall into a bush of stinging nettles.


The Silverback, in whose way your leg is now, gently picks it up and places it aside, while continuing on his way.

You are a veritable combination of nervousness and extreme excitement at the incident. 

Imagine this: you are sitting around with your friends, or kids or grandkids, and are telling them about the interesting things you have done in your life. 

You could tell them about the umpteenth time you went to a club in Berlin, or a beach in Thailand, or, you could tell them a Wild Story.

(PS: The Gorilla story is true - actually happened with one of our favourite guests)

Silverback In Rwanda

Pic Credit: Karan Chawla

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Wild Stories

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