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The Blackbuck Trail

Sustainable Luxury stay| Blackbuck National Park| Topography reminiscent of the African Savanah | Quick Getaway 

  • An Offbeat National Park if there ever was one

  • Only protected area for Blackbucks in the world

  • Safaris will remind you of the African Savanah

  • Grasslands with Blackbucks, Hyenas, and Wolves

  • A Birder's delight - largest roosting site of Harriers in the world

  • Add on a naturalist guide with impeccable knowledge of the diverse wild and of the culture of this region with a history spanning 5,000 years

  • Photography mentoring available

  • A part of all profits made at Jokotta Discoveries are pledged towards nature and wildlife conservation

To know more, discuss and create itineraries, and basically anything, contact us!


Wolves typically start their day playing around like pups. Looking at them, you would be excused for thinking of them like cute pet dogs. But when they go on a hunt, there are few predators as fierce or organised as a pack of wolves!

Pic credits: Aditya Roy, Karan Chawla

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