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The Birds of Ecuador

8 Nights 9 Days | Small-Group Wildlife Photography Tour | Over 150 Bird Species | Led By An Expert Wildlife Photographer | Three Distinct Habitats | Eight Spots | Optional Amazon Extension 

Caranculated Caracara

Ecuador - a small country that packs a big feathered punch. It's one of the best regions in the world to spot a dazzling variety of birds. This photo tour takes you across three different geographical regions to spot over 150 fantastic species of birds. You will explore the area around a volcano and visit a family whose bird feeders have become the stuff of legend for bird lovers. You get the chance to visit Mindo, one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet. Here you can also take a break from aves and indulge in a reptile-oriented macro session.  You'll see incredibly beautiful birds at the Amagusa Reserve and visit one of the most important birding spots in this region - Pas de las Aves. And if this isn't enough, you can extend this photo tour with an optional Amazon rainforest extension. But book fast. This tour is a worldwide hit and the limited places fill up fast. 

Violet Tailed Sylph



  • Explore one of the most bio-diverse spots in the world

  • Drive across three different habitats

  • Spot over 150 species of birds like Carunculated Caracas, Black-faced Ibis, Crimson Rumped Toucanet, Sword-billed Hummingbird (pictured here), Mustached Antpitta, Andean Emerald, Violet-tailed Sylph, Umbrellabird, and many many more

  • Visit the Antisana Volcano Area, and North Ecuador

  • Explore Mindo, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world

  • Also, visit Amagusa Reserve and Pas de las Aves which is one of the most important bird sites in the country 

  • Learn the art of bird and landscape photography from an extremely talented photographer

  • Experience one macro session where you photograph rainforest frogs and the critically endangered Pinnochio anole lizard

  • We pledge 10% of all profits made at Jokotta Discoveries towards nature and wildlife conservation

Vermillion Flycatcher

Your Itinerary:


Day 1: Arrive

  • Arrive at Quito, Ecuador and meet our representative

  • Transfer to the first lodge of this trip located in the Puembo Area

  • Dinner is not included on this day

  • Overnight at Puembo area lodge

Day 2: Antisana Volcano

  • A spectacular morning awaits us as we visit the high-altitude volcanic area of Antisana. We will target Paramo species like Carunculated Caracaras, a striking pied raptor that occurs here in impressive numbers. Black-faced Ibis patrol these high plains as do Andean Lapwings and large flocks of Andean Gulls. It is a site that will leave a lasting impression and provide ample shots for processing at the end of the tour.

  • After lunch at a hacienda on-site, we shall drive to Guango Lodge, where we will spend two nights

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 3: North Ecuador

  • Our lodge has a varied set of feeders that attract dozens of hummingbirds, including species as the Sword-billed Hummingbird, the black-and-white Collared Inca, aggressive Chestnut-breasted Coronet, White-bellied Woodstar, and Tourmaline Sunangel

  • Another species we target is the Indigo Blue Masked Flowerpiercer

  • Return to Guango lodge and review images

  • A multi-flash session will be conducted today

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 4: North Ecuador

  • Today we continue to focus on species that occur in this habitat like Sword-billed hummingbirds but also look for new species like Torrent Duck, Masked Trogon, Grass Green Tanager and a few others

  • Return to Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge and review images

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 5: Mindo

  • Today we drive to our most awaited spot in Mindo, one of the most biodiverse regions on the world

  • A local family has set up fruit feeders in their yard that have become a sensation among bird photographers. Some of our recent trips have spent hours here shooting the constant stream of tanagers and other species that visit. Some of the possibilities include Black-capped Tanager, Blue-gray Tanager, Dusky Bush-Tanager, Ecuadorian Thrush, Black-striped Sparrow, Rufous-collared Sparrow, Golden-naped Tanager, Crimson-rumped Toucanet, Red-headed Barbet, Toucan Barbet, and Lemon-rumped Tanager 

  • We will also spend time shooting more birds at the feeders at multiple locations

  • Return to Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 6: Mindo

  • Today we will make several day visits to feeders and use playback to photograph some very interesting species like Masked Trogon, some Flycatchers, Fruiteaters, Mountain Toucans and several other difficult to photograph species

  • We will also work on a macro session and shoot rainforest frogs like the Glass Frog and the critically endangered Pinocchio anole lizard 

  • Retire to 

  • Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 7: Amagusa Reserve

  • There are two special categories that we see here: those that can only be reliably photographed here, and those that are just downright beautiful.

  • Birds like Glistening-green Tanager, Black-chinned Mountain-Tanager, Golden-naped Tanager, Moss-backed Tanager, Flame-faced Tanager, Golden Tanager, and Crimson-rumped Toucanet are all possible among other more common species 

  • Hummingbird feeders offer chances at two of the best hummers around, the glowing Velvet-purple Coronet and the impressive Empress Brilliant 

  • In the afternoon, we’ll visit a spot where an odd nocturnal bird, the Oilbird, can be photographed on its daytime roost. This is one of the best sites to shoot this species in the world – there are caves with greater numbers, but the location of the birds at this site makes them photo-friendly 

  • Head back to Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge and retire for the day

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 8: Pas de las Aves

  • We’ll depart very early and head to one of the most important bird sites in the area, the wonderful Paz de las Aves Refuge 

  • This beautiful reserve is set within a subtropical forest where the moist, moss-covered trees are burdened with bright red bromeliads 

  • Our early arrival will let us visit an area deep within the forest where a short time after dawn the bright scarlet forms of several displaying Andean Cock-of-the-rocks will start the day off with a spectacular forest performance 

  • What has made this place such a joy for photographers and birders is the habituating of several rare and shy species of the forest floor, especially the antpittas, Giant, Moustached, Yellow-breasted Antpittas, Ochre-breasted, and Chestnut-crowned Antpittasare 

  • Other birds we will be trying to photograph include Dark-backed Wood-Quail, Rufous-breasted Antthrush, and White-capped Dipper

  • Head back to Las Terrazas de Dana Boutique Lodge and retire for the day

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included today

Day 9: Quito

  • You will be dropped at the airport as per your flight time

  • The latest time for departure is the lodge check-out time

  • Only breakfast included today 

  • Say goodbye to all your newfound feathered friends


The Firefox Adventure Gallery

Standard Inclusions:

  • Lodging and Meals as specified

  • Private transfers to and from hotels on first and last days

  • Professional driver/photo/nature guide and private transportation in a spacious vehicle

  • Multiple-flash hummingbird photography setup equipment

  • Entrance fees for all described activities

  • Taxes on all services listed above


  • Airfare

  • Dinner the first and last nights

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Gratuities

  • Non-meal time snacks

  • Non-meal time soft drinks and bottled water

Payment Terms:

  • A 'non-refundable' deposit of US$1200/- per participant of the Tour fee as booking amount

  • The final balance of the Tour fee payable 90 days in advance 

  • All figures per person

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