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The Hidden Life

of the Sundarbans

3 Nights 4 Days OR 6 Nights 7 Days | Open Dates | Boat Safari | Mangrove Forests | Optional Photo Mentor

  • Choose from two intrepid experiences - a 4-day birders delight or a 7-day tiger tracker

  • Explore the world's largest mangrove forest and one of the largest Tiger & Biosphere reserves in the country

  • A chance to see the Bengal Tiger in a unique habitat

  • See how many of the 248 bird species you can spot

  • Opportunities to spot rare wild cats, otters, deer, Irrawaddy dolphins and more

  • Catch a glimpse of reptiles like the saltwater crocodile, monitor lizards, king cobras, red-tailed bamboo pit vipers, etc.  

  • Stay in a hotel, or on the boat - the choice is yours

  • Experience the wonder of the raw, untamed wilderness

  • Contribute to conservation - we pledge 10% of all profits at Jokotta towards conservation efforts

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