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The Odisha Wild Adventure

5 Nights 6 Days | Open Dates | August to April | Giant Saltwater Crocodiles | Excellent for birders | Fishing Cat | Leopard Cat | Water Monitors | Dense Forest | Tiny Red Crabs | King Cobras

  • Explore one of India's most impressive wildlife sanctuaries

  • Spot giant Saltwater Crocodiles in their natural habitat 

  • Sail along this webbed water network to spot over 250 species of birds including over 90 migrant species  

  • This thick forest is also home to the elusive Fishing Cat and rare Leopard Cat

  • A rare opportunity to walk through a national park at Bhitarkanika's heronry

  • A chance to walk by an old hunting tower used by past monarchs

  • Spot numerous water monitors along the banks of the estuaries 

  • Spot hundreds of fast-moving, tiny, red crabs living in the swamps

  • Take an optional tour to Mangalajodi, a birders paradise, with over 170 species of resident and migratory birds (best in winter)

  • Feast on delicious, local Odia food

  • We pledge 10% of all profits made at Jokotta Discoveries towards nature and wildlife conservation

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