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What to Expect From a Day on Safari

Each day on safari in Africa is a magical experience. Whether you are exploring the Savannah on foot or in a 4x4 vehicle in search of the Big 5, every single day offers a unique adventure and cherished memories. 

Although each day is unexpected to some extent, based on the time of year or location, there is a general format or schedule that safaris tend to follow. If this is your first time on a safari, you might be wondering what a typical day on an African safari looks like. Other than animals, what will you be doing the entire time? To help you, this guide will exactly tell you what to look forward to.

A Usual Day On Safari

We’ll let you in on a little secret: no two days are exactly the same on safari. While there is a structure and organisation for what the day looks like, there is also a great deal of flexibility to allow for the unforeseen. 

Early Morning

An early morning game drive requires an early wake-up call. But this isn't your typical wake-up call. Around 6:00 a.m., you'll be woken up with coffee, tea, and biscuits. 

No matter where you are, it is always chilly in the early hours. You will feel it even more in your open safari vehicle!

To stay warm and avoid the chill, dress in layers. It's a good idea to put out your clothing the night before to save time getting ready in the morning - you don't want to miss out on any of the early morning fun!

If you're curious why early morning game drives are held at such early hours, it's because this is when the most activity takes place. Many animals, particularly predators, feed or hunt before sunrise. The savanna gets progressively warmer through the day, and the animals tend to look for shaded locations or watering holes, where they are most often sighted.

Late morning

As the day warms up, animal activity appears to slow down. As you explore, you'll observe that the fauna changes from active predators, noisy birds, and waterhole gatherings to herds of zebras and gazelles. You will observe prides of lions lying down or walking around lazily in the savannah. 

After a few hours out on a game drive (hopefully with some great wildlife activity), you will return to camp for a hearty breakfast. Or you may stay in the wilderness for what we call a "bush breakfast." The experience combines luxury with landscape, with a guide who sets up a hearty breakfast on the hood of the vehicle so you can enjoy a meal with the wild around you

The day seems young, yet so much has already happened that a rest or reading break may be in order, allowing you to reflect on everything that you have experienced so far.

Afternoon and lunch 

If you had an early breakfast, midday is the time for lunch. You can expect delicious salads, cooked meals and plenty of alternative options if you have dietary requirements.

Some visitors enjoy the thought of having an afternoon sleep, with the sounds of the bush helping them nod off. If you enjoy spa treatments, retreat to a different type of paradise, either in the lodge's wellness centre or on your own terrace.

Evening experience

The animals are active again in the late afternoon, and getting ready for your second game drive of the day is thrilling. Keep an eye out for active wildlife on your way out. Predators like leopards, lions, and, notably, hyenas are active after an afternoon nap. As the temperature drops, the jungle comes to life, with both large and small animals stirring.

Evening wildlife drives usually include a "sundowner" stop. Sundowners are an afternoon game-drive tradition, offering a refreshing drink at a scenic lookout with breathtaking views of the African sun as it bids goodnight.

Night and dinner time

Depending on where your journey takes place, you may have a night safari with a vehicle equipped with a powerful spotlight. Expert night trackers are great at identifying nocturnal creatures in trees and shrubs.

A night safari provides a whole different view of animal behaviour. However, if this is not an option for you or you want to stick to daytime game viewing, the comforts of your lodge will be the ideal way to end a fantastic day.

Ready to Experience a Day on Safari in Africa?

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect on safari, get in touch with our team at Jokotta Discoveries. With our safaris, you will unveil countless memories and nature travel experiences. Our experts have the extensive expertise and knowledge to craft tailor-made itineraries that are sure to be the trip of your dreams. Maximise your African safari and contact us now to begin your journey into the heart of nature's wonders.

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